you need
  • - yarn, thread, thin cord;
  • - parts for decoration in the form of rings, spheres, cylinders;
  • - scissors.
Take a piece of cardboard, its width is equal to the length of the future brush.Wrap the yarn, delicate lace or thick yarn around the cardboard until you reach the desired thickness.At the top of the coils tightly tie, and a pair of scissors, cut the bottom.Threads that bind the yarn is not cut off.
wooden ring and the ball is completely obveyte the same material.Threads skip through the ring and fasten on the ball, then to attach the brush a decorative cord.
instead of wooden parts get home gizmos original in the form of cones, rings and cylinders f
or decorating brushes - the details of the candlesticks, plastic Christmas decorations, large buttons.Perfect shape different bells.
laces and yarn threads beads replace or empty decorative details on top of the base.Brush of thread inserts adorn torsades.Use metallic thread, because the curtains are often found shiny thread.
Look in caskets beads that you do not wear for a long time.All parts of them empty on jewelry brush, it will look a lot richer.Interesting elements can be found in the garage among the old lamps and chandeliers.Crystal sparkling beads and pendants will look great on a long thin brush of synthetic cord.
thin satin ribbon can also be navit around the cardboard to get a brush for curtains.Optionally, make a smooth edge and at the tip of each ribbon tie bugle beads.From these tapes weave braid and use it instead of the cord-pick.
Choose the material to create a brush based on the overall style of the room.Metal chain of different shapes and sizes, bunched leather strap-pickup, decorate the interior of the room rocker.Vintage Suede fringe and brass fittings with a pattern.Multicolored feathers and fishnet lace.Circuits Plastic and rubber shoes.From all this it is possible to make a brush for curtains, to please close their imagination and skill.