you need
  • - button;
  • - blade or needle;
  • - Special pliers for riveting (or pliers and hammer);
  • - a piece of soft plastic;
  • - scissors;
  • - 2 pieces of rubber;
  • - professional press punch (optional).
Find the fabric store and sewing accessories Special pliers for clothing rivets.When buying them, check package: you need a nozzle suitable for the diameter of your riveting themselves with locking pliers.To put the staves on clothes, you first need to make a hole in the canvas.It must be smaller than the base of the garment accessories.Make an incision cro
ssed a sharp razor blade or gently pierce the hole red-hot needle.
Insert button at the front of the hole at the top has done, and its wrong side - the bottom.It is necessary to attach the fastener portion as carefully as possible, so that when they are not shifted riveting.
Cut a rectangular piece of soft plastic for better fixation parts rivets.For this fit dense cover books and school notebooks.Fold the resulting rectangle in half "book".Now it is necessary to make two holes - for the bottom and the wrong parts of the rivets.Fix the accessories in the "nest", put a cloth intended for fastening place between this simple device.
Put on both sides of the key pieces of rubber - for example, cut from a leaky boots or pads for sanitary equipment.When the mites need to make a strong effort, and you run the risk of deforming the surface.
Grasp rivet pliers and squeeze the handle to lock the tool - you should hear a click.You can also use the means at hand - ordinary pliers or a hammer.In this case, the rubber grommets will be a prerequisite for success.