You can decorate usual tulle with satin ribbon.Select it or the matching veil or a contrasting color.Cut a small piece of tape and thread, gathering the curtain accordion.A more elegant look plain ribbons, and more elegantly - contrast.They should choose one color with wallpaper or furniture.
Also you can decorate using tulle embroidery.If you can sew, you can make a pattern that is most suitable for your interior.For example, if the room is decorated in oriental style, the Japanese characters will look very original.
Tulle, which is designed for the kitchen, complete your embroidery theme, for example, draw fruits and vegetables
.Excellent will look and embroidered lemons, oranges, apples, grapes and sunflowers.
You can also use the application.Now in stores selling a variety of stripes, it is not difficult to sew to a veil.For example, a small butterfly, which are fixed for the body and the wings remain free.At any breeze or moving the curtains, you can watch as their wings flutter like insects alive.Nasheyte dragonflies and butterflies or symmetrical or only in one corner.
You can decorate fringed veil.Sew it on the top or bottom.Try to pick it up to match the curtains.
Experiment and on children's curtain.Decorate tulle using embroidery or applique.Prefer such images as heroes favorite fairy tales, animals, train, gnomes, dolls, etc.
a baby shower curtain nasheyte small pockets, it is best to place them on the bottom edge.They can hide little surprises for the baby, such as candy, pictures, etc.
Arrange tulle small bouquet of artificial flowers, bows, rhinestones, little silk tassels, pom-pom, cords, lambrequins.The main thing - to use imagination and a little work.