you need
  • fabric, scissors, measuring tape, thread, needles, sewing machine, pins, curtain rail, adhesive tape, rod, iron, rings.
Measure the height and width of the window.Build a pattern with these dimensions, and, make allowance for the width of the binding margin for each fold, and the length - for the treatment of upper edge of the curtains and the lower binder.
Redraw the pattern on the fabric.Cut the marked-up panel.Tuck the edges of the side curtains how their bulavochkami, proutyuzhte and then prostrochite on the sewing machine.
On the wrong side curtain pleats shape how their using bulavochek, proutyuzhte and then prostrochite.
On the front side of the top edge, apply masking tape, however it bulavoch
kami and sew.
Turn the top edge of the curtain on the wrong side, however bulavochkami and prostrochite tape around its perimeter.
Fold the bottom edge of the curtains and then sew it.
Sew by hand to the bottom of the curtains from the inside several rings.Follow kuliske seam, then this kuliske thread the rod.
Attach the curtain to the eaves, thread the cables into the ring, tying the ends into rings sewn.
Assemble the lower part of the curtains in the puffs, adjusting the desired length.