you need
  • - fabric
  • - adhesive gasket material
  • - thread
  • - meter
  • - scissors
  • - pins
orderto sew curtains hinges on , first install a cornice-rod for at least 8 cm above the window opening.Calculate the length of the curtains, departing at 3 cm below the cornice and parts in the correct length.
Calculate the length of fabric needed to curtains .To do this, the length of the finished curtains add 11,5 cm needed for treatment of the lower and upper edges, add another 10 cm for the upper part of the piping strip curtains and the length of the loops themselves.To find out the width of fabric curtains , the width of the box, multiply by 1.5.
carve cloth curtains and piping.For the piping, cut a
strip of fabric to each curtain 10 cm in width and length corresponding to the width of the curtains.For each band, the piping carve out a strip of adhesive material of the same length and 8 cm in width.
Decide on the width of the loop (the optimal width of 5-7 cm).Count the number of loops that will have to support the weight of the fabric.The optimal distance between the loops - the width of the two loops.To measure the length of the required details, add to the circumference of the rod 8 cm. Cut the fabric into strips of desired length.The width should be equal to two times the width of the finished loop with the addition of 2 cm at the seams.
canvases curtains on the sides make a hem to the wrong side of 1 cm, and then another turn in 2 cm of tissue.Proutyuzhte hem and Stitch along the inner fold.
lower edge of the curtains to tuck the underside first 2.5 cm, and then a further 7.5 cm, iron it.Formed corners tuck inward fold to between the bottom and side fold formed a diagonal line.Stitch the bottom hem.Joints corners sew blind stitches.
blanks loops along the fold, right side facing and stitched by the length of the indented 1 cm. Remove the loop and, placing seam in the middle of the loop, proutyuzhte.
canvas curtains put down the wrong side and both ends Pin loops, folded in half.The rest of the blanks lay at the same distance and the same Pin to the curtain.Keep sections were flat.
to the wrong side strips attach piping strip backing material and along the long edge of 2.5 cm make hem. Stitch details.
Lay the tape for the piping in the loop side up, on which the visible lining material.Level sections.Baste along the upper side curtains and sew all layers together, leaving a seam allowance - 1.5 cm.
Remove the hinge outwards and piping to the wrong side curtains and proutyuzhte.All raw edges sew blind stitches to the side hem curtains .