you need
  • - detergent for delicates;
  • - soda;
  • - glycerol;
  • - cow's milk;
  • - blue;
  • - milk;
  • - vinegar;
  • - washing machine;
  • - a laundry bag;
  • - starch, iron and gauze as needed.
Before wash tulle , shake the dust (well, if you can do it not in a closed room) and make sure that it did not have any hooks, clipsand other metal fasteners from the eaves.Separate the white lace curtains of color and wash both are always alone.
contaminated tulle recommended to soak for a couple of hours in a large amount of warm water with a solution of soap or washi
ng powder or gel for gentle wash.You can also use the special industrial detergent tulle are offered in some stores household chemicals.
Experienced hostess added to the water to soak tulle tablespoon of baking soda.You can also use a small amount of glycerol.It is extremely important not to overdo it - usually two tablespoons of pharmaceutical agents is sufficient for a fairly large amount of water (about 10 cans).From these additives hard water becomes much softer and wash lace curtains gives a very good result.
For washing white tulle always sparing use detergents.Your task - not only wash away dirt with many curtains, but do not damage the delicate fibers.You should not pour detergent into the water in large amounts, preferably in advance to prepare the cleaning solution at the rate of a tablespoon of tools for delicate fabrics per liter of water.Thoroughly stir the resulting mixture, and only then proceed to wash tulle.
To update white tulle , slightly sun-bleached, it is advisable to use a bluing and normal cow's milk.First, wash the contaminated product in warm soapy water, and then place it in another water, diluted with methylene blue and a little milk.After such washing curtains will look much more attractive.
wash tulle must be very thoroughly rinsed several warm waters, while on the surface of the liquid does not cease to appear dirt and foam.At the end of rinsing, use gauze curtains cool water with dissolved in it a spoon of vinegar - it gives the product a special shine.
When using an automatic washing machine, place contaminated tulle in a special bag for laundry.Some umelitsy gently fold the curtain in an old white pillow case and fix the edge of the fabric a few stitches.So while washing it will remain in the expanded state, not svorachivayaas in a tight, difficult to wash out, the lump.To properly wash tulle in the machine, set a gentle wash cycle and turn off spin.