Remove measurements.

To sew an apron, you will need three measurements: circumference of the hips (ON), length (CI), length to waist (DIT).Girth remove hips, positioning of tape on the most convex back seats and the widest places of the side.DIT measure like this: find in the middle of the chest point located approximately 10-15 cm below mezhduklyuchichnoy pits.From this point, measure the distance from the waist.It will be a CIO.Measure the desired length from the waist apron.Add the figures to the CIO, you will receive a bushel of CI.

sew an apron so simple that you can do without the paper pattern.

carve out a rectangle of width equal to ¾ ON +5 cm hem on the sides and along the length equal to CI ± 10 cm
at the top and bottom hem.Fold the flap in half lengthwise.Determine where it will be over, and where at the bottom of the apron.From the upper edge of the fold, measure DIT ± 5 cm. Place a shallow notch.Spend it on the side perpendicular to the edge - a waistline.Put on the edge of the notch.The length of the upper edge of the divide in half and make another notch.Spend a fine smooth line from one notch to another.Cleave the two layers of fabric with pins along the drawn line.Textile cutting the apron on that line.Remove the pins.Unfold the folded part.Here is the basis of the apron.The two remaining shred become pockets.
How to sew an apron for the kitchen
sewing apron.

Tuck podgibkoy double side edges.Width about 1.5 cm hem. Stitch on the sewing machine.Then tuck double podgibkoy top and bottom apron.Width 2.5 cm hem. Stitch on a typewriter.

Now take the webbing and fling it around your neck so that the ends hanging down on his chest.Midpoint braid must be behind the middle of the neck.Apply to the chest apron and make a mark on the braid at the point where it comes into contact with the top of the apron.Remove the braid, funny pins made to mark the edges of the top.The elastic tape toward the waist.This bends the cut and cover his braid.Stitch on a typewriter.This way you sewed the upper strap apron and designed sides breasts.The remaining ends of the braid will apron strings.Try the apron, tie a ribbon.If they are too long, cut off the excess.To the ends of the braid is not dissolved, hem them manually.
How to sew an apron for the kitchen
Making pockets.

Take one of the flaps remaining after cutting.Make a double hem top.If you have any pieces of tape long enough, you can decorate their pockets, stitched webbing at a distance of 2.5 cm from the top edge.Then iron 0.5 cm with rough edges on the wrong side.Just treat the second pocket.Place the pockets on the apron, then baste.Try an apron, make sure the pockets are located conveniently for you.Stitched them on a typewriter.Apron ready.
How to sew an apron for the kitchen