The simplest thing you can do from towels , so it's a swan.To do this, lay in front of a towel and fold the edges of the top two in the middle so as to obtain a triangle.Twist the outer edge to the center.The top point of the triangle will be the head of a swan, and his tail hide under another towel that follows the waves spread out in a circle.His song, you can decorate a variety of decorative leaves and flowers.At the sight of this "terry statue" your guests will be shocked.
How to fold nicely
Square towel can be folded into the shape of a rabbit.Take a prepared towel and twist it into a tight tourniquet.Then fold it in half and bend one end.Ribbon tie it at the bottom.This way you will get the head and ears of a rabbit.Attach the eyes.For them, you can use various buttons and decorative stickers.
How to fold nicely
also possible to combine a rabbit and other means.Twist the towel in double harness.Then, one bend edge and also tie the ribbon, as in the previous method.Tie hare pretty bow and attach eyes.The muzzle can be embroidered with colored thread.This figure can be as a gift for their loved ones.
Also, you can just lay down and elephant.On a flat surface, spread a towel and bend the edges of the top and bottom, pre-measured off of them 15 centimeters.Then again tighten the edges to the same length.Begin to roll the towel to the left, gradually moving to the middle, then fold in exactly the same "roll" on the right.Holding the towel flat side facing up, fold it in half.You get the legs and the body of an elephant.Now put them aside for a time and take another towel.
How to fold nicely
Lay it horizontally long side, top towels middle of something press, that it at the wrong time not moved.Fold the towel tube on both sides so that his appearance was similar to the airplane, we all used to do from paper."Tube" should be as tighter.Tighten the edges to the center as long as possible.Towel flat side turn up.Tighten its lower edge so that the side portions are similar to the ears.Tapered portions retract and bend a little, so that she looked like a trunk.Finally.On earlier made the head of your body set the elephant.That's all, the elephant is ready.You can also decorate his eyes, bows, etc.