you need
  • - aviation kerosene,
  • - extraction gasoline,
  • - soda ash,
  • - washing powder,
  • - fabric softener,
  • - degreaser,
  • - lemon orvinegar,
  • - mustard powder,
  • - washing vacuum cleaner.
To eliminate the smell of diesel with clothing, the product should be soaked for 40 minutes in kerosene or gasoline extraction, which evaporates and odorless and is used for the manufacture of refined sunflower oil.Then wash the item in the washing machine with the function of the pre-wash and extra rinse.The smell of diesel will be over.But the problem lies in the fact that these funds get very complicated, and they are expensive.Therefore, we can use other method
s easier.
If you accidentally doused with diesel fuel thing, the result will be persistent bad breath.Soak the item for a few hours in a strong solution of soda ash, then wash it in the washing machine with the addition of softener.Use an extra rinse mode.
If the smell of diesel formed on the surface of the furniture, it is necessary to wash any detergents and degreasers.Then wipe the place with fresh lemon or a strong solution of vinegar.
Application of mustard - another great and effective method of dealing with the smell of diesel .Take dry mustard powder and add to water for soaking the laundry.Also it can be added to the drum when the washing machine.It will also help get rid of the smell of diesel on the skin, you just wash your hands with the addition of mustard powder, and then with ordinary soap. Smell , surely disappear.
wet vacuum - an excellent tool in the fight with the smell of diesel in the car.Wash using a company car cleaner or dishwashing liquid.You can apply a liquid carpet cleaner - it works fine in almost all cases.
If none of the above methods do not help, then you should refer to the dry cleaners, since there is not just faced with a similar situation and help you make your stuff fresh smell and the previous form.