you need
  • - soap solution;
  • - alcohol;
  • - kerosene or solvent;
  • - washing powder;
  • - stain remover.
Look at the bottle with a corrector on which he based.If the water just washed off with soap thing.If the stain is still evident, soak the product in water with the addition of the powder for a few hours, then wash the usual way.Follow the general recommendations for the care of this type of tissue.
Corrector alcohol-based removed using vodka or eau de cologne.Soak a cotton ball in alcohol-containing solution and apply to the stain for a few minutes then rub the dirt.
If corrector based on the emulsion (alcohol and water), immediately washed off the stain.If it has had time to dry, try it otsherkat.If necessary, wipe the dirt with alcohol or vodka.
most difficult to deduce
from the spot corrector, which is contained in the composition of the solvent.The liquid is a bit like an ordinary enamel paint.In this case, you can get help from aggressive liquids such as kerosene, gasoline or solvent (suitable only for white fabrics).Dampen the stain in kerosene and leave for 20-30 minutes.Finally faded treated area with dishwashing liquid.
use stain if left after the equalizer barely noticeable spot.Typically, this problem occurs if subsidence white liquid on dark things.Apply the stain remover oxygen, which corresponds to this type of tissue in the problem area and leave for five minutes.Then wash the clothes in the washing machine or by hand and rinse well.
If you have a very expensive thing of delicate material, please refer to the dry cleaners.Trying to scrub corrector all available means in the home is not worth it.You remove contaminants without damaging the product.After a couple of days you will be able to pick it up and begin to wear.