Tip 1: How to choose the size of curtains

Undoubtedly, the most striking element of the design of the room is a window decoration space.Beautiful sets of curtains on the windows emphasize the style of the interior, visually change the geometry of space, emphasize the view outside the window.Many women want to try yourself as a designer of their homes.Independent sewing curtains on the window in the room to satisfy such ambitions.
you need
  • - flexible measuring tape for tailoring operations;
  • - ledge;
  • - curtain fabrics.
Choose your favorite model of curtains on the window in the room, which is best to decorate.To determine the size of the curtains of the model to calculate the parameters of the window opening - width and height.To measure the length of the curtains, decide with their mounting.Eaves can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.When mounting the curtain rod to the wall, measure how far from the top of it will be.
determine what will set the width of the curtains on the windows.Usually it is longer than the
eaves of 2-3.Splendor curtains on the window in the room will depend on your preferences.To better determine the size of the pre-hang curtains cornice.This guarantees you the accuracy of measurements.Measure the distance between the extreme left and extreme right hooks cornice.This size will be the length of the eaves.
Use the following proportions to determine the width of the sliding fabric curtains depending on the size of the cornice.When the amount of the cornice up to 1, 4 m width of the cloth fabric is 1 length of the cornice;2 m - length of 1.5;2.8 m - 2 lengths;to 3.4 m - 2.5 length;up to 4 m - 3 the length of the cornice for each cloth.

If you need to define the width of the fabric is not for sliding curtains and drapes for the whole, to the length of the cornice is necessary to add 1.5 - 3 lengths.To determine the size to be measured pelmet estimated its height and length of the cornice.
Proceed to measure the length of the curtains - from the eaves to the chosen level.At uneven field or make the ceiling stood on both sides.When using kulisok, laces, eyelets, loops, measure the length from the eaves.In the case of rings, measure the length of the curtains from them, not from the eaves.Do not forget to leave on each side by 5 cm at the finish and joints.

Curtains on the window can reach the floor, to be above the level of his or lie on the floor.The latter is required to add height to the curtains 20 to 50 cm at the bottom and about 15 cm from the top.All sizes of curtains write in a notebook.
Curtains on the grommet

Tip 2: Choosing curtains on windows

important part of the interior of any room in which there is a window, the curtains are.They perform not only the function of protection against direct sunlight, but are also decorative load.Properly selected curtains can transform a room, and even tie together the disparate parts of its decoration, to create the impression of a unified and harmonious whole.
Choosing curtains on windows
If you choose to refuse the services of designers to choose curtains and sew their own hands, you need to know the basic rules that will not be mistaken with a choice.First, you must not pick up the curtains to separate elements of decoration, furniture or draperies, and the style, color and texture.Only in this case, they will be able to blend in with the interior.Second, the tone they should not coincide with wall coatings.They need to stand out and have a lighter or darker, but it is certainly in harmony with the upholstery.Thirdly, texture and pattern curtains should also be combined with the texture and patterned wallpaper and textile surfaces: draperies and furniture.

selection of curtains in style

curtains in the living room, decorated in a classic style, you need to choose from a heavy, beautifully draped fabric saturated color.It is appropriate to look spectacular velvet and taffeta, which set off the splendor of tulle and pelmets.If the room is decorated in avant-garde style, the curtains should be a simple shape, but the fabric for them should pick up with bright abstract large pattern.Pale monochromatic fabric, better pronounced artificial nature will perfectly fit into the high-tech style, looks especially interesting in this case is a combination of non-woven materials and blinds.But in today's popular style of minimalism fit curtains in the Japanese style, similar to the design of woven screens.Natural fabrics in small flower to decorate a room in the style of Provence, or country.

color curtains

As for color, designers, and here there are rules and secrets.In the room where a lot of bright spots of color, it is better to hang curtains plain neutral, muted colors in keeping with the principal.And if the interior space is dominated by pastel shades, curtains should be a color spot that attracts attention, which will be repeated in detail - napkins, decorative pillows, tablecloths. as decorations for curtains can be used strings and loops, different types of folds and drapes, grommets, grommet, Holders.

Curtains for different rooms

Choosing curtains largely depends on the functional purpose of the room in which they hang.Bedroom is better to choose double curtains - one thick, the second light, transparent.Thick curtains will help create a dim, if you want to relax during the day and a bedroom easily protect from prying eyes.For the office is better to choose plain rigorous materials not distracting, but for the children's rooms - fun, fancy. In the children's room and kitchen for safety reasons should be shortened to hang curtains, but closing the window sill.

In the kitchen, where the curtains longer play a decorative role, you can use the multilevel structure, corrugated or with lots of pleats, ruffles decorated with festoons, and, most importantly, that they are in harmony with the color of carpets and kitchen furniture.
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