Try to do only the bare minimum of furniture, using only what is absolutely necessary.Arrange its elements in the best way, so that the room was divided into two parts: a rest zone (including, designed to sleep) and the working zone.
Given the limited space, the bed is better to choose a foldout sofa-book.In this case, his box (lower chamber) can be used to store bed linen.It will not hurt also to separate the recreation area from the rest of the room with sliding partitions or screens.
Some owners of one-bedroom
apartments, trying to visually expand the space, remove the wall separating the room from the kitchen.Of course, you can not do but think about it: Would not you interfere with the smells of cooking food?The room may seem more if the correct color and pattern wallpaper.It is desirable that they are light and warm colors and the pattern - with a predominance of vertical elements.
At low ceilings should not be used for lighting lamps, even small.Then the room will seem even lower.It is better to hang a compact ceiling, mount them on a flat support to the ceiling.They take up very little space.If the ceilings are high, consider whether to arrange a mezzanine for storage of many things you need.Just take care of that at the mezzanine were neat, beautiful doors to match the rest of the furniture.
Place the TV in a separate cabinet, and in the niche wall or shelf-cabinet shelves.So you save space.
the kitchen, especially if it is small, it is better to put the table-book.If required, the cap rapidly rises and is fixed in the folded form it can stand against a wall.Also, instead of chairs stools better buy.First, they take up much less space, and secondly, when not in use, they can be put seats on each other.Then even a small kitchen may seem large enough visually.Instead of swinging doors, try to put a slide (accordion).