Put dry pans in a plastic container and fill them with the means to clean the pipes of the "mole."Strong alkalis, part of its structure, easy to remove greasy dirt.After some time, dilute the contents of the bowl with water and carefully pour off the drain.This method is especially effective for cleaning aluminum pans.
Handle pans weekly Israeli agent "Schumann", its Russian equivalent of "Ĺ umava," domestic cleaners "Sanita-gel", "Antinagar" or dishwashing ovens company Amway.To remove crusty deposits, cleaning procedure will need to be repeated several times.Apply the product to the surface of the frying pan and rinse after 20 minutes.You can also put on the surface of any of alkaline gel, close the p
an with plastic wrap, and a day to wash away the fat burnt.
Try to remove the deposits, putting the pan in the dishwasher and run it to operate at maximum temperatures.After several cycles of a deposit must be easy to clean off.Keep in mind that this method is not suitable for processing of aluminum pans.
Pour into a large pot of water large bottle of office silicate glue, add caustic soda and chips of soap.Boil enameled pots in the mixture for 1-2 hours depending on the thickness of the deposit.As a result, black, or will disappear by itself, or easy to clean off.Lower the dirty water in the pan to prevent the spread of dust and clean the outer wall of the drill, wearing her attachment with metal hairs.
Put the pan in the oven on the cooled embers, taking care that it does not melt.After 5 minutes, drop off a deposit on it.This method is not applicable to pans with multilayer thin walls or bottom.Cast iron pan can be placed upside down on a gas stove burner turned on and leave for several hours, periodically turning it in different areas of the fire.If the pan is bad keeps the balance in that position, put down her bottom and fill it 1/3 of regular table soda, providing uniform temperature and combustion deposits.